What I Packed For Greece With Only Hand Luggage

Traveling with budget airlines has you paying a whopping fee for luggage! So, we’re beating the system and traveling with hand luggage only! Easy when you’re traveling to warmer shores, but something I never thought I’d be able to do!

IMG_0350 (1)

Here’s everything in my Samsonite S’Cure 55cm Spinner. 


Espadrilles, Salt Water Sandals, Havaianas and Nike Air Thea. I’m covered for an evening cocktail, beach days, running & lots of walking.


I packed:

2 x dresses

2 x Desray Verna trousers

1 x shorts

2 x Mungo Kikois 

4 x t-shirts

1 x shirt

2 x swimsuits (My latest absolute favourite black, full-piece from Inner Secrets)

4 x pair shoes

1 x set running clothes

2 x pairs Ray Bans

1 x set beads (From Moroccan Warehouse)

1 x handbag

1 x Gone Girl Gone multi purpose shopper come beach bag.

1 x plastic ziplock bag with travel size toiletry essentials (I will buy the BASICS there!) Hoping my Skoon Skin travel pots will last 11 days!


Rolling clothes, like I have here with my grey dress can save space and prevent creasing! Toddler mom also comes armed with wet-wipes in every bag possible!


That’s Harry & I in a nutshell, plus one nappy bag and handbag! I’ll have to report back on whether my packing sufficed! xx




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