Havaianas Espadrille Trend Round Up

It may be summer for me and winter for you, but I love that the Havaianas Soul Collection can pretty much be worn all year long! So chic!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.23.12 PMHavaianas.Part.One-15Havaianas.Part.One-14

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.13.28 PM d34b3c0cc375e72e75912db773ce267e131292de18b1c14f4987c1c1c318575e 643976cd3a34e753922b1ba47b5615fb

Havaianas.Part.One-13s1_1s1_1origine II_C_0azul estrelaHavaianas.Part.One-11s1_1s1_1origine II_C_8amarelo gemaab5ea26548f1de5373b8b2100eda468d 9fe80bd9b1374c08dc7cf4756fa6d955 f2da839917937cb285d0899a8c5dabd1 f67beb166fcd87a667a0a3a8f6237b6dHavaianas.Part.One-5s1_1s1_1origine renda tropical_C_1verde brancoHavaianas.Part.One-3s1_1s1_1origine II_B_5marinhoHavaianas.Part.One-9Havaianas.Part.One-2Havaianas.Part.One-7s1_1s1_1origine II_A_7vermelho rubi

(Street style images via here)

Which colour is your favourite? For stockist – Havaianas 021 511 1182


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