21 Entrepreneurs Series: No. 11 Holly Becker Of Decor8

Oh my gosh! Yay! Can’t believe I got to interview Holly! I’ve been following Decor8 since I started blogging and it’s been such an inspiration! Following blogs like Holly’s is what got me started and inspired! (Her blog oozes pretty!) I’m seeing such a trend through these interviews – some of the most successful entrepreneurs are: Sharing their story of success, giving back, have grace & style and have a very focused vision for what they want to accomplish!



Author, Journalist, Stylist

Founder/Editor, decor8 

Founder Blogging Your Way

Also check out Holly’s latest e-course which is currently enrolling, it’s called #InstaPower and it will run for 2 weeks from July 8-25 and is focused on Instagram.

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1. ) How did your business/blog/website come about? How was this idea born and what lead you to do what you’re doing now? 

Back in 2005, I wanted to share my passion for interiors and at that time, I was working as an interior designer with clients and thought blogging would be an interesting way for me to connect with my clients as well as to potentially reach new ones. I also had hoped authoring a blog would get me in front of magazine editors because I wanted to also write about decorating in addition to working with my clients to not only supplement my income, but because I’ve always loved to write and felt that I had a voice to lend that would perhaps be a fresh, less stuffy approach to interiors. Back then, I felt interior design needed to be more fun and approachable – I wanted to bring that spirit to decorating through decor8.  After launching in January 2006, I received numerous emails asking how to have the success I’ve had as a blogger from hundreds of women with a creative “go-getter” spirit. I couldn’t keep up with answering all of those emails, though I tried for a few years, and so it occurred to me that there were no online classes that taught blogging. There were no good books yet either about blogging. I reasoned that if all of these curious people are writing to me then I simply must launch an e-course about blogging because I could then share everything I know to many people at once instead of writing hundreds of emails. I launched Blogging Your Way in April 2009 and we’ve taught over 8,500 students worldwide so far. Our next class, #Instapower, begins registration on May 10. It will focus on Instagram – from how to grow your audience, find your Insta-style, taking better photos, styling your photos, choosing your content, networking on IG, monetization, etc. The e-course will run from July 8-25 and you can register here: bloggingyourway.com

2.) Tell us about your morning routine. Any specific rituals / productivity aspects etc 

I make sure we are all showered and fed by 9am, then my son is out playing with his dad until 11:30 so I am able to work in my office. When my son comes home, he immediately goes down for a 2-3 hour nap, so I work some more. When he’s up, I cook lunch, we eat, and by 3:00 we are playing in his room on rainy days, going to a play group, to music class or out to the playground or public swimming pool until 6:30. Then we come home, I prepare dinner, give him a bath, get him dressed for bed, read stories and then his daddy puts him to bed and they cuddle and I go back to my office to work until 10pm but lately, more like midnight! This is our schedule 6 days a week, I only have Sundays off but this Summer I plan to only work 4 days a week from June until September and I’m taking a week away in June for a photography and styling retreat in Sweden with my girlfriend.

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3.) What inspires you? 

People who make progress in life inspire me so much! I love watching a person go from beginner to pro. I like seeing someone who had a tough childhood rise about it. I really love comeback stories, before and after stories, people who beat the odds. And speaking of people, my two-year-old son is my core inspiration and muse – I love looking at the world through his eyes. It’s all so fresh and precious. Everything is exciting to him and now, to me too.

Of course, I also love writing and photography, I love looking at beautiful photos of people, places, things… I enjoy taking photos too but mostly of people either posing or doing interesting things. I find learning very inspirational – through books, online classes, workshops in person, meeting with friends… Music and foreign cinema is a big inspiration too. And of course, my great passion and inspiration in life is travel. Travel is my favorite thing in life because it fuels everything else – my photography, writing, craving to learn, love of people and culture, all of it.

4.) Biggest lesson you’ve learnt?

One step at a time.  It seems so simple to say, and a big mundane, but if you take everything in steps, no matter how big or scary the task, you really can do it.

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5.) Biggest failure so far?

Negotiating my own deals and/or hiring incompetent people. I should have hired the best people to take the financial lead of my business and negotiate deals for me a long, long time ago.

6.) Biggest Success so far?

Having my little boy, Aidan, who turned 2 back in February. I love him so much; he is by far my biggest success in life – the best thing I’ve ever done was to have this little boy enter my life!

7.) Your work space? Clean & Minimal or Eclectic and colourful – what would we find on your desk?

Danish modern with some boho touches, pale gray walls in one room, second room has pale salmon walls, wooden floors, lots of white and natural wood furniture, tons of books and ceramics, a lot of windows and natural light.


8.) Top 3 entrepreneurial tips?

1. Be consistent – in other words, don’t expect overnight success. Take everything you do for your business in small steps.

2. Always treat others well. The blogger you snub may be the daughter of your next client. The client you talk smack about behind their back may end up hearing about it and drop you, costing you thousands in loss and the prospect of word-of-mouth clients. Don’t assume you know everyone you meet based on what job title they have or the type of car they drive. “The waiter could be your future boss”, is what my grandmother always said. It’s important to treat everything with dignity and respect. This also makes your business shine because people will want to help you and play back the kindness you’ve extended. People want to help those they admire and feel respect them.

3. Make time each week for yourself – get your nails done, go see a film, get a cocktail with a friend, have a hair cut, go to the gym, take a swim, get a facial, just do something for YOU – so you don’t lose yourself to your work – making time for yourself helps your business too because stepping away from the office for self-care time freshens your perspective. It’s great to do something for yourself DAILY but so many find that impossible so make it a goal to exercise daily (even if it’s a 20 minute walk) and then, once a week, do something bigger for yourself that takes at least an hour or two.

9.) Who are you currently listening to? 

London Grammar, James Morrisson, Lana Del Ray, Sia, Calvin Harris, Beyonce, Drake

10.) Your best marketing tool? Word of mouth. Always.

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11.) Dream Big Right? What’s next for you?

I don’t want any more children, I’m happy with my one little sweetheart… So next I want to buy a home and then get into product design, maybe have a television show, and definitely travel often before my little boy is in school full-time and traveling becomes more difficult due to his schedule and homework, etc.

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For more info:

Decor8 Blog / Blogging Your Way / Instagram / Pinterest / Facebook / Twitter 


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