What I’m Up To Next

Hey 🙂 THE SUN IS OUT in full force and so one must sit in it, bask in it, appreciate it! Dublin has come alive with Spring flowers and summer greens!


I’ve met up with one of my favourite stores, Nordic Makers and hope to bring you some more on that over the next few months!


I’m still on track for the Dublin Half Marathon, end September! It’ll be a first – so I’m pretty excited! I’ve got a visit to South Africa & Sicily before that – so here’s to discipline! (Of some sort at least!) I’ve also got a project or two on the go back in South Africa and I am dying to share more! In October we are off to Portugal, still trying to twist the husbands rubber arm for New Years in Amsterdam and I’ve planned my first “Girls/Mamma’s Night Out” in Dublin, inspired by a lady called BEYONCE! Heehee, I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan, but if you’re going to go on a girls night out, I don’t think this Diva will disappoint in terms of shows (Who am I kidding, give me a glass of wine and I’ll be all “Crazy In Love”) should be fun – it’s an outdoor concert and the sun is up so late in summer!


And this little guy just gets better and better with age! He’s pretty excited to catch a plane right now so we’ll catch you next week from South Africa.



p.s. 21 Entrepreneurs is on hold untill I collect some more interview xx


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