Mungo-ify! Can We Make That A Word!

I have a dream, and that’s to Mungo-ify my home! Can’t get enough of their seriously high quality towels and linens!


You just can’t beat getting into bed with crisp, white linen, and it’s luxurious with Mungo!


Loving our summer towels! They’re light and quick drying – perfect for packing on trips and we now each have our own colour, so no getting confused whose towel is whose.


And their blankets – I wish I had more rooms to fulfill this obsession! I love the weightiness of this Juno blanket. And it’s super durable too – great for snuggling under.


The Mungo Drawer.


And my dining room come office has a little French Flair with the striped Mungo Cushions. Ok so we’re pretty much Mungo-ified already, but there’s always rooms for more 🙂 Such special investment pieces to last a lifetime.



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