Style Travel Tips With Jenny Le Roux

Traveling this festive season? I chat to Jenny Le Roux of Habits, queen of the white shirt, on her top travel tips.


  • Favourite travel destination?


  • What’s in your travel vanity bag for the aeroplane?

Everything I can’t live without, like my favourite Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne which comes in a perfect travel size 30ml bottle and of course Elizabeth Arden’s brilliant Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. I never fly without a tube of Bactroban nasal ointment which I dot under my nose to keep nasties at bay.  I also love those mini travel size bottles from Dis-chem which I decant everything into.


  • Tell us more about your travel collection?

Our Travel Range is the perfect collection for all seasons!  It is made from non-crease jersey lycra so you can roll up in a ball and best of all it’s wash-and-wear.

This interchangeable range is designed to skim the body beautifully, i.e. no lumps and bumps.


(I’m mad about this outfit!! So chic.)

  • What do you take if you’re staying with hosts (a gift?)

A bottle of De Grendel wine. Koetshuis is my favourite. Wrap the bottle in bubble wrap and as a final touch a cashmere scarf.


  • Favourite handbag?

A delicious bright red (of course) Dior bag that my darling friend gave me for my birthday.

  • Favourite travel shoes?

Comfort is key when travelling.  Camper shoes are always my first choice – they’re seriously comfy, look good and last forever.


  • Any travel tips?

My top tip is to always photograph your suitcase in case it’s lost so you can show airport staff what they are looking for.

Save all your important documents (ID, passport, ticket) to Dropbox for easy access online anywhere in the world.

Take notebooks – my Symthson goes every where with me.

I always travel in my Treggings because they look great, are really comfortable and best of all, they don’t knee.



Twitter: @HabitsFashion

Facebook: HabitsFashion



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