My Best In Irish Artisanal

Now that I’ve been living in Ireland for 2 years, the lines are starting to blur for me when it comes to supporting local 🙂 – here are a few of my Irish favourites that I’m loving! I’m sure I’l be discovering loads more too.

Jug, Arran St East; woolen socks,  Irish Design Store;  grey linen scarf, Avoca; cashmere & merino wool scarf; Scout Dublin; linen coat, Petria Lenehan. 

Linen wide leg trousers and linen scarf, Avoca; wool beanie and cashmere socks, Scout Dublin; Irish linen aprons, Kathryn Davey.

Gingham linen fabric, Emblem Weavers; ceramics, Arran St East; Aran sweater, The Sweater Shop; blankets, Irish Design Store; Olive Kerry Raincoat, Petria Lenehan.

Mug, Arran St East; navy linen scarf, Kathryn Davey; Aran Sweater, Scout Dublin; Irish linen scarf in grey, Irish Design Store; Sligo coat; Petria Lenehan.


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