The Waterfront Apartments: Part 2

So yesterday I told you about our stay at the fabulously located, Waterfront Apartments.  Here’s all the cool, inspiring and shop-worthy places we visited by foot from apartment.

The Water Shed: Whether shopping or browsing, be inspired by local crafters and designers.

The Silo Hotel & Silo District: Experience world class design, mega views and wine and dine in style! Explore the hottest designer stores and don’t miss out on the uber-decadent, Lindt Store!

Oranjezicht City Farm Market: Enjoy fresh produce and artisanal products at this super classy market.

There is of course loads more to do from The Aquarium to V&A Waterfront Shopping Centre etc (See my CT for Kids Post on Kim Gray Petite)  – a brilliant location, where one can really feel a part of the Cape Town buzz.

For more on the apartments, see Magnascape Apartments.


4 thoughts on “The Waterfront Apartments: Part 2

  1. Love this – will you believe that we were there on the same day as you!! We almost ‘bumped’ into you near the waterfront apartments (where the sightseeing harbour cruise leaves from) and again in Hamleys, but I just wasn’t 100% sure it was you (having never actually met you in person and not keen on getting in other people’s space)! Now I really wish I had had the confidence to take a chance and say “hi”! What a coincidence!!!!

    We always love our trips to CT (we’re from a tiny village in KZN) but I don’t regret not visiting the Lindt shop at the Waterfront……..we’d still be stuck there!! XXX


    1. If there’s a next time, I most certainly will!! It’s crazy how we just freeze in that moment and then want to kick ourselves for it later hahaha, just human hey!! XXX


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