Samara Private Game Reserve Part 2: The Great Outdoors

Firstly, if you missed Part 1 – check it out here!   At Samara Private Game Reserve, you are treated to two game drives a day – timed according to the season and temperatures. I was quite glad to leave after breakfast each day, as we were there in the height of winter and it was pretty frosty. Snow! It made for epic scenery however and Samara was armed with hot water bottles and ponchos which were a welcome treat.

One of the special aspects of Samara, is that one does a lot of animal tracking on foot. As I mentioned in Part 1, there are no major predators, which allows one to dig a little deeper and really discover the bush and what it has to offer.

One of the most special experiences ever, was tracking a Cheetah and her 4 cubs on foot. Find out more about Samara’s Cheetah Conservation and the heart warming store of their first Cheetah, Sibella, a rescue cheetah, here! x

Being a few feet away was both heart stopping and exhilarating, yet super magical! A real once in a lifetime experience.

We also followed some giraffe on foot while watching little ones drink from their mom. It was just so amazing to be uo close and personal, both us and them curiously eyeing each other out. In the meantime, Tendai our ranger was fabulous with Harry, exploring with him and teaching him his tricks of the trade.

We were lucky enough to find 3 rhino’s with their babies. Another incredibly special experience. Again, we could have followed them on foot for a bit, but Tendai reckoned a wiggly 3 year old would not be as safe 🙂 I like a ranger with a lot of sense!

Morning and evening pit stops were a treat to just take in the incredible landscape. Again, Tendai would take Harry for a little explore so adults could unwind and marvel over the beauty and current experiences.

The next day we went on a real adventure-drive up along the mountainside to the “Samara Mara”.

Says Samara:

“You’ve heard of the Maasai Mara, but have you heard of the Samara Mara? Every inch of Samara has a special beauty, but there is a particular piece that is quite unique. Perched high on a mountain plateau with 360 degree views, our very own ‘Serengeti of the South’ unfurls over mile upon mile of golden grasslands, framed by purple mountains and teeming with game – Black wildebeest, endangered Cape Mountain zebra, eland and gemsbok.

This remarkable landscape is not only beautiful – it represents a significant portion of a highly diverse yet under-conserved vegetation biome. The grasslands biome is one of South Africa’s most biodiverse – second only to the Cape Floristic Kingdom.”

The pictures really don’t show you how steep the drive was – I’m not sure about anyone else, but my knuckles were white. (Bit of an adventure woes!) But man was it wonderful!

Being at the top of the mountain plateau, watching wildebeest running around and being surrounded by snow capped mountains was someone what of a spiritual experience. I felt like it was one of the most beautiful landscapes I’d ever seen. You just have to go there to feel the magic for yourself!

We also got track an aardvark on foot which was incredibly fascinating – watching him dig and suck up the ants is an experience many travel from all over to see.

Nothing like an African sunset to close off  a day of adventure, life-time experiences and loads of fresh air and head space! I loved that we were always alone – no waiting for 5 other cars before you can see what’s there, no crowds, warm & genuine hospitality, unique experiences and happy tummies, 24/7! Thank you Samara for making us feel so at home.


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