MaMere Confections

What an incredible treat to receive a box of MaMere Confections! I of course stocked up on more for gifts straight away, after sampling these handmade delights! From soft, melting nougat to crackling, salted, caramel popcorn – the gift worthy packaging makes these the perfect favours, if you can manage to give them away.

I love the mini nougats – perfect for popping on your guests pillows, making homemade Christmas crackers or combining it as part of your wrapping of a gift. Tie it into the string or ribbon – for “cherry on the top” gifting.

Sometimes one can be stumped on a dessert or not too confident in making one – here’s where the sweet platter is your secret weapon. It always looks pretty, is fun as a sharing, use your fingers type of dessert and MaMere it makes even easier and prettier!

The nut encrusted honeycomb took me straight back to my childhood and the salted caramel popcorn was probably the biggest hit amongst guests! It’s like kids food for adults.

Also check out their gorgeous macarons!

Check them out here for where or shop, for event or how to order! ENJOY XX


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