Daisy Jewellery

I’ve fallen in love with the Daisy Collection Chakra & Good Karma Bracelets. Wear your mantra with style & grace! Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.09.10 AM10998887_1607248242845364_7383489800915154110_o

Chakra Bracelets:

Daisy’s iconic Chakra Bracelets initiated a style movement over the world with celebrities, fashion editors and consumers alike. A contemporary interpretation of the ancient Buddhist chakra symbols, combined on-trend design with a deeper, spiritual ideology.  Daisy’s Chakra evolution continues with the newest collection in full chain, an updated interpretation of the classic cord version. Whilst maintaining the ethereal nature of the original, the new bracelets offer a more palatial feel.  Each bracelet is available in 925 sterling silver, gold plated and rose-gold plated finishes, as well as on cord.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.17.40 AM

Good Karma Collection:

Pearls of wisdom and hearts of truth – Daisy’s covetable Good Karma collection allows you to combine your hopes and dreams with the beauty of precious jewellery.  Wear alone or multi-layer the meanings to help you define your life’s path.



The Halo Collection:

The necklace with endless possibilities, Daisy brings you the Halo collection. A modern locket, available in two lengths, with changeable coins to reflect your mood or style.

Mix and match metals to create a bespoke look.  Halo holders and coins available in 925 sterling silver, 18ct gold plated and 18ct rose-gold finishes.



7 thoughts on “Daisy Jewellery

  1. Hi Ladies,

    You can purchase these gorgeous goodies at IYOS – stores in Palmyra Junction – Claremont. Gardens Centre – CBD and Canal Walk – Century City. The pieces start at R899.


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