Aramex Global Shopper

So a while back I told you about Aramex Global Shopper, if you missed how it works, read here! So basically, Aramex allows your to shop those covetable sites that don’t ship to S.A. I said I’d let you know how it went! I shopped 3 much needed coats/Jakcets for Dublin.

The preppy, A-Line Calvin Klein coat to meet moms for coffee or attend a first coffee meeting.


The run around Columbia rain jacket for trips to the park with Harry, walks in the country side etc!

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.49.17 PM IMG_0194

And the every day padded BCBGMAXAZRIA Parka to fend off the cold!

So, my orders arrived within 2 days from (I chose the 2 day free shipping on the Amazon site) to my provided Aramex NYC address (You will be given an address closest to the country/store of purchases) – Then I received my Calvin Klein Coat & Parka within a week – straight to my door! (Very exciting!) The Columbia jacket got stuck at customs – so it took a bit longer – and I was whacked with a R400 charge. This however is S.A. law and out of Aramex’ hands. South Africa has a super hefty import duty on clothing to protect our textile industry. Anyway, it arrived straight to my door too, after I’d paid.

So – the process is simple and up to you whether you are prepared to pay customs charges – but the great thing is – when you really, really need those shoes, Aramex Global Shopper makes it possible, opening a world of brands and selection that was previously, out of reach!



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