My Winter Travel Wish List & What I’ve Learnt

Having traveled around Ireland on a few road trips now – here are a few things I wish we had with us or that we did take along and that worked well!

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 6.05.10 PM

1.) A longer length coat (Love this North Face one) I live in jeans and ones legs can still freeze even with the best of coat. A longer length coats keeps that wind chill off your top legs at least.

2.) Always been a fan of Hunter Boots. (Loving the new, navy gloss pair) Keeping a pair of boots in your car boot can be a life saver on travels. You never know where you’ll be stopping for that padkos.

3.) Keep the car clean with these cool boot bags – also easy to carry in and out the house while packing.

4.) A blanket that doubles up as a picnic blanket! If it’s dry enough for a picnic or you need to cosy up around a picnic bench – a cosy blanket for the car is always handy! (I love these from Hen & Hammock)

5.) Coffee!! All the coffee’s add up and lets face it, garage coffee sucks! So needing a Bodum Coffee Press Mug in my life! And this stainless steel coffee press is a good idea (no breaking glass in the car) as a back up incase your B&B fails your coffee expectations.

6.) Hats, gloves & beanies (especially lined beanies)- there have been so many times when the sun has been out and I’ve been caught 10 minutes later, totally under dressed and miserably cold! Always take them along – obsessed with all the new Avoca scarves.

7.) crates – I have a little obsession with crates. Maybe it’s filling them … Mmm. Anyway – these are great for all your food stuff when traveling, keeping those loose sweet potatoes from rolling around the car! And to store your coffee press & mugs. ( do some cool ones.)

8.) SOCKS! (Pretty ones of course.) Well because it’s cold. If your feet are warm, you’re warm! Loving the selection at Tread & Miller. 

Keep cosy travlers! XX


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