Yoga Workshop With Om Revolution

Come and Join a 3 hour workshop-style Yoga class on Saturday 29 August, where experts submerge you into all 8 limbs of yoga, introducing you to proper Pranayama (breathwork), Vinyasa (active flow of yoga postures), Peak Poses (learn with the help of an expert, how to achieve advanced poses such as headstands, crow variations, eka padakoundinyasana and others) and Meditation / Yoga Nidra (achieving a state of peace and serenity by simply being).


There will also be pop up shops from The Skinny Juice Company, Yogafunk and Sentiens luxury eco printed yoga mats. Receive discounts to these pop ups on the day, as well as free snacks and refreshments and discounts to our private yoga service.


Sounds like the perfect day after a long week! For more information & tickets, see here! (Workshop suitable for all levels)


Kim Gray readers who purchase their tickets through the above link, can forward their confirmation to with the subject line Kim Gray Reader Special to receive a voucher for a free Company’s Garden Saturday morning  Yoga class ( Om Revolution’s popular signature outdoor yoga class that is on every Saturday morning at the Company’s Garden from November-May every year) xx


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