Reflection Friday: That Capsule Wardrobe Lifestyle

Something I’ve been fascinated with for a while now – capsule wardrobes and living with less! It’s been bit of a personal struggle (being a stylist & fashion blogger with a love for shopping) and it’s perhaps one for that #yearoffear list! 


(Image Via Here)

As I mentioned in my #yearoffear post, we let a lot of stuff go with our big move – it was a wonderful, light feeling. When we got to Dublin however, opening our boxes a few months later, I was rather surprised at some of the things that I had kept (because there are always “what-if”s). I was not as ruthless as I’d thought I’d been. Again, with our apartment being small, we let go of more stuff!

I’m now wanting to take it to the next level! WHY?

  • My head feels clearer
  • It helps with decision fatigue ( Like when your cupboard is bursting but you’ve got nothing to wear – now, everything just works together making life easier)
  • I feel liberated – I own stuff, stuff doesn’t own me!

As I said, it’s a constant personal goal and not always easy. I’ve opened my shoe cupboard a few times already to edit and simply closed it again! That’s my next goal!

Want to learn more about living with less, living with intention and “letting go!”? Check out Courtney Carvers Blog, Be More With Less & her insightful post, 10 Books That Changed Me! 


(Image via Be More With Less)

Happy Reading!

TIP: Turn all your coat hangers facing the same direction. Every Time you wear something, put the coat hanger back facing the opposite direction. Soon you’ll begin to see what never gets worn.


4 thoughts on “Reflection Friday: That Capsule Wardrobe Lifestyle

  1. An interesting way of sorting out ones wardrobe. I usually just take out what is not relevant for the seaon and pack it away until the season arrives. Worth giving it a try cos then it means I will just need to shop more after giving away the items I don’t use…


  2. That’s just awesome! Gosh when the post came up I began to think it was a nude ha ha ha! What progress you should be so very proud of yourself!


  3. Great tip re hangers, thanks – I’m totally into keeping things simple and limiting the clutter around me… but it does sometimes seem to be a losing battle! Argh!


  4. Thanks for sharing. We are on the same mission, De-cluttering! It feels constant though. I laugh I will end up with no clothes to wear. That in itself might be liberating 🙂 Looking forward to reading one of these books.


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