How To Create Awesome Places In Small Spaces

There’s a lot to be said for small spaces. Besides some easy interior design ideas I’m about to share, you can really focus and hone in on your own, unique, style and create something straight out of your favourite decor-mag (or blog 🙂  )

by ???? ???????

 1.) Keep things simple! Go for a neutral colour palette – here white is your best friend and here’s where less is more. The advantage of less-is-more living is you’ll feel lighter too!

Vue d’ensemble : by Marion Rocher

2.) Create interest through one or two strong design features (especially if renovating or building) – like a textured (raw brick/ wallpaper / tiled / painted) wall or structural features like built in nooks or central courtyard. The staircase above for example almost makes this apartment – although it’s a small space, it draws the eye up, creating the illusion of more space. (And look at that practical use of space under the stars!)

by Ossigeno Architettura

by Ossigeno Architettura

3.) Play with your space and use furniture that maximizes your environment – i.e. a round table may work in a corner rather than a long dining table, taking up half the room. Also, does your furniture compliment the style / character you’re trying to create. When items work together visually, it will naturally give the sense of more space.

by Tectónico

 ?????????? : by TATO DESIGN???????????

by INT2architecture

4.) Great storage is key! From rails hanging with stylish capsule wardrobes to clever shelving – good storage goes a long way and can look super trendy too! Never take for granted the space under beds/chairs/coffee tables – boxes and baskets can hide away eye-sore-items! (For me it’s remotes and cables!)

Begehbarer Kleiderschrank : by Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Wandregal für mehr Ordnung : by Elfa Deutschland GmbH


5.) Select a handful of bold, eye catching, character pieces – something that tells a story / makes your space interesting. Use small to your advantage – you don’t need to furnish a villa, so select one or two really special pieces that will bring you enjoyment and make your space feel alive!

by BRICKS Studio

by BRICKS Studio

(All images via homify)

Find more awesome design ideas, suppliers and inspiration with – I’m definately book marking this one!


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