Persona Art Project + A Win

Ooh, I would love a series of these prints for my wall! How cool!?

Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)

“Two brothers, Shayne & Ant Vervoort, are launching a Kickstarter campaign on September 22 to promote an exciting new art project coming out of South Africa — Persona Art Project. The aim of this project is to tap into the massive reach that an international platform such as Kickstarter provides. South Africa has just scratched the surface in terms of crowd-funded projects. The Persona Art Project wants to be part of this community of creatives and utilize the process of crowd-funding to build support around grass-roots projects such as this, coming out of South Africa.”


Kill Bill The Bride - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)Calvin and Hobbes

The irresistibly quirky drawings use the universal icon of the bathroom figure  – an icon that broke communication boundaries by distilling hundreds of translations into one visual message – as a template. Ant then adds personal effects that conjure up characters you’ll recognise in an instant, by abstracting characters down to their essentials – those components that we love the most, that make them who they are. Think Ron Burgundy and his red velvet suit and killer mustache. Mandela with his salt & pepper hair and colorful shirts.

Beatles Abbey Road - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)Dalai Lama - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)Freddie Mercury in Yellow - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)Star Wars R2D2 - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)Star Wars Darth Vader - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)Ray Mysterio - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)Pink Panther - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)

The first phase is a Kickstarter crowdfunding project which launches on September 22nd. The goal is to land the first crowd-funded art commission at Design Indaba.

“It’s not just about raising the money – it’s about developing a community that believes in the same things we do,” Shayne said. “It’s about developing a following behind the art movement.”

“We are all so different and unique as people, and yet across countries and cultures, we have similarities that tie us all together,” continues Ant. “That’s what Persona is about: being wonderfully similar, and beautifully different.”


Nelson Madela - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)


How to get involved:

Follow Persona Project on Facebook, Instagram (@personaartproject) and Twitter to be the first to know when the Kickstarter campaign launches (22 September). There may be some cool early bird specials for people who start backing the campaign during the first few days of launch.

There will be some cool tiers to back on Kickstarter, ranging from 1EUR up until 99EUR and reward examples include a social media package of digital images of the personas, through to 5 printed persona prints and a pack of persona postcards shipped to backers, just in time for those holiday-season gifts.

Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry - Persona Art Project (Ant Vervoort Hand Drawing)


WIN one of the above prints of your choice by simply sharing this post on social media using one of my social share buttons below (FB, Twitter etc) and tell me where you shared it & tell me which print you’d choose?

Winner announced 25 September! Competition open World Wide! Good luck! X

18 thoughts on “Persona Art Project + A Win

  1. Awesome giveaway…I would choose the Tom and Jerry Print! I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed.


  2. Great: Shared via email, facebook- Natasha Kock, twitter @LeothaK and Pinterest. Would love to win Tom and Jerry for my son. He finds the 2 of them quite hilarious 🙂


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