Am I still enjoying my hair? + A Schwarzkopf Win

So last week I told you about my new hair cut (See the process here if you missed it!) Well I am still loving it, have no regrets and finding it so easy to manage. And nothing like a little colour to give you that “new” feeling! Also, thanks to the new Schwarzkopf Gliss new innovation Hydra Miracle Range with hydra peptides and aloe vera, my hair has been feeling soft and fabulous!


Gliss, the ultimate hair repair expert, has launched the Hydra Miracle range – the first targeted care with Hydra-Peptides from pure Aloe Vera essence with zero % gravity for exceptionally soft, healthy and shiny hair.

The ultra-light, but caring repair formula with hydra peptides from pure aloe vera essence provides hair with precise amount of care and moisture it needs.  Dehydrated and porous hair is optimally repaired and taken care of, without being overburdened.

Three key benefits of the Gliss Hydra Miracle range:

  • Indulging repair-care with 0% gravity
  • Replenishes the hair’s natural moisture level and prevents dehydrated hair
  • Soft, weightless hair

The various Gliss ranges contain special active complexes which are specifically tailored to meet the needs of different hair types in order to achieve beautiful healthy hair. The new Gliss Hydra Miracle range also provides a liquid Keratin reconstruction to the hair and renews its quality by repairing damaged areas from deep inside the hair follicle through to the surface.


Looking to kick start your year with a head-turning new shade? Check out theSchwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Intense Oil Care Colour!

Introducing the new Palette Deluxe Intense Oil Care Colour – Palette’s No.1 Oil Coloration with 7 Oils Serum. The new range launches with three sophisticated shades – Diamond Blonde, Intensive Shiny Copper and Dark Warm Brown.

This innovative range from Schwarzkopf offers a permanent coloration solution with a 7 Oil Serum technology which cares for hair up to 30% more than the average hair colour. Palette Deluxe contains a rich, creamy formula with highly effective colour pigments that penetrate each strand from root to tip – leaving your with rich, luxurious & long-lasting colour. Each package contains an easy-to-use application bottle that allows a precise and mess-free application from the roots all the way to the lengths of the hair, without any dripping.

The rich treatment with 7 NOURISHING OILS* is extremely caring and nourishing to your hair after coloration, softening the hair and making it supple and easy to detangle. The treatment with the selection of 7 oils transforms your hair, leaving it beautifully healthy, ensuring your hair is deeply cared for from root to tip.

*Marula Oil, Argan Oil, Sesame Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil. *Products are available at all leading retailers. MEA_Pal_DX_PD_FS_3-0_0214MEA_Pal_DX_PD_FS_7-77_0214MEA_Pal_DX_PD_FS_9-1_0214


Now you stand the chance to win all the above products valued at over R500.

Simply tell me which colour you’d use to colour your hair and how it would inspire your new year?


Share this competition via one of my social share buttons and tell me how you shared it!

Good luck! Open to S.A. only / Winner announced 29 January xx


42 thoughts on “Am I still enjoying my hair? + A Schwarzkopf Win

  1. I would choose the Diamond Blond. I have recently lost a lot of weight and this will just complete my transformation and inspire me to stay positive throughout the year!


  2. I’m thinking diamond blonde! I start a new job next week…so basically I hope to be the blonde bubbly one of the office…hope that spot hasn’t been taken!


  3. I would definitely use the Dark warm Brown. I am on a major health kick this year and this new colour would be the perfect addition to keep on the positive energy I need! Shared on Twitter.


  4. I would go for the intense copper because it looks like such a fun colour and not something I would usually choose for myself and this year I said I would try new and fun things so it would be totally different for me! Sharing on FB and twitter @anitasteenkamp1


  5. I would choose the diamond blond and it would definitely inspire my new year by making me feel beautiful when I go out, Shared on twitter


  6. I would choose Intensive Shiny Copper because I am on the move – yet again, so it would inspire me to start my new life looking brand new (well the hair anyway)! Here’s hoping my new life will be a great improvement on my life now. I am looking forward to it. I have shared to twitter, pinterest and facebook (and tagged a couple of friends).


  7. Hi Kim, I use the Dark Warm Brown. This is such a lovely prize. It would inspire my new year by giving me gorgeous color hair as well as healthy hair. As a new mommy to be, this would be perfect!


  8. Intense Shiny Copper – My hair is black..a bit ok a lot on the dull side so refreshing my look with this beautiful colour will boost my confidence and help me with my 2016 goals # walk out the salon feeling with great confidence and kicking adversity in the butt # 2016 new me # empowered liked n sharing on FB & Twitter..:-)


  9. Your hair looks absolutely stunning Kim and it suits you perfectly. I would definitely go for Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Intense Oil Care Colour Dark Warm Brown, having a natural tan complexion and brown eyes, this color will complement my skin beautifully. to add flair to my new hair color i would go for honey colored highlights. Great to read that is has 100% grey coverage, i have quite a few to get rid of. I must admit though, it’s being a while since i colored my hair, to win this awesome prize would be totally WOW

    Being a sole bread winner and mom, i hardly have time or money for myself. 2016 should be my year to pamper, spoil, reflect, breath and laugh more often. Time for a change internally and externally, time to shine and stand out in the crowd. My new hair look will bring back the confidence i once had and remind myself that a change is just as good as a holiday. Being with the same hair color for the past 3 years, has become pretty boring for me. it’s about high time i give my hair the treatment and love it so deserves. Being plain Jane is so yesterday……welcome 2016 with some interesting changes. Share on twitter @LeothaK


  10. I’d love to be brave and use Intensive Shiny Copper colour to put sparkle into 2016 and use it to help me be more impulsive and fun this year! Love Schwarzkopf products!! Sharing via email 🙂


  11. I would use the dark warm brown. My natural hair colour is dark brown so I want to go back to that it would inspire me to be naturally beautiful and confident..a good hair colour always makes one feel more confident 🙂 shared on twitter my twitter handle is @b_balutto 🙂


  12. shashared on pinterest, (thealennox) facebook (thea kleynhaus lennox) twitter @matrixalive Would love dark warm brown


  13. I would love to try the Dark Warm Brown. Will improve my overall look, A new hair colour would be a boost for the new year. I have shared post via facebook and tweeted @rehanaseedat


  14. I will go red!! Why not? Have been blond and brown most of my life and seeing that I am turning 50 this year I will go wild!! Shared on twitter


  15. INTENSIVE SHINY COPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s outgoing, different, bold and unique – just how I want my 2016 year to be!!!!!



  16. Simply tell me which colour you’d use to colour your hair and how it would inspire your new year?

    I’d use the copper colour. It’s colour I haven’t tried before, I always went for the auburn shades. I need a new look and I always tend to go for a new hair colour. It would inspire me to just go for it when trying something new and different


  17. I would go for dark warm brown as I always highlight my hair blonde, this would give me a totally different look and make me feel like a brand new person, shared on twitter @RonnaeElliott


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