21 Entrepreneurs Series: No. 13 Me

So why interview myself? Well I thought we could get to know each other again! Some of you have been here from day 1 (and I thank you for that. In fact I applaud you for putting up with my spelling mistakes!) and some of you will be new here! It’s been 9 years since I started this blog and well, with time we grow up a bit and our life and tastes change! So here we go.

TITLE: Kim Gray, Blogger

1. ) How did your blog come about? How was this idea born and what lead you to do what you’re doing now?

I can still remember it so clearly. It was one night, eating burgers at Royale with some of my husbands family, where they all encouraged me to start a blog. Being a stylist at the time, having insight into sales, new products, stores and designs – I had an offering – to show women what I thought was cool and where to find it! It was also a way for me to showcase my styling portfolio at the time and to give readers a little insider’s perspective into what happens behind the scenes on photo-shoots and in the fashion & decor industry. And so my blog grew – and eventually I took it full time so that I can work from home and start a family.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.45.03 PM

2.) Tell us about your morning routine. Any specific rituals / productivity aspects etc

I love a good morning routine – I believe it sets the tone for the day. I’m a lucky girl to have a husband that brings me hot lemon water around 6:50 – I do some sort of guided meditation (10min +- – busy, busy mind and all – loving Head Space – it’s a no frills focus exercise really), by then my coffee arrives and I do a combination of prayer and gratitude time! By 7:30 my husband has Harry up and ready for the day and he’s out the door! After waving daddy goodbye, Harry and I have breakfast together before or after I do the housework. Then I get ready for the day – be it to go for a run or hit my work as Amy our carer arrives at 9:00. She’s here for 3 hours each morning, so that’s my time to exercise, work or grab a quick coffee with someone!

This whole routine can often be turned upside down by travel, work schedules or a bad night with Harry – but it’s an ever evolving strive for the perfect start to the day! Ideally, I’d next like to throw pilates into the mix and get up earlier.


3.) What inspires you?

Music, lifestyle & productivity podcasts, my instagram feed, travel, running (That’s when I have some of my best ideas), decor, street fashion and life systems!

Life systems is my latest thing – that’s why I love listening to productivity podcasts. How to maximise your life by being organised, working smart, making time for what matters etc I’ve by no means got it waxed, it’s the “constant pursuit of!”

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.38.35 PM

Oh and my Moroccan cushions!


4.) Biggest lesson you’ve learnt? 

Not to compare yourself to others

5.) Biggest failure so far?

Losing focus! And here’s where those life systems come into play again! Prioritising what it is you love to do & what really matters is critical! I’ve started so many little side line extensions of my blog that all fell flat because I was not organised, was trying to do too many things and would naturally gravitate to what it is I loved doing (which is blogging), losing focus on the rest.

Here’s where I like the idea of themes for your week. i.e. Monday – plan / Tues & Weds – blog / Thursday – focus on business development/ Fri – coffee meetings. That helps me to  have a more “well-rounded” business. Again, always a work in progress. But if you focus on what it is you really love to do, that will get your focus!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.44.33 PM

6.) Biggest Success so far?

My family. We’ve found the formula for what works and what doesn’t – it’s similar to what Matt Allison said in his interview: Very simple & obvious – but sometimes we forget that life in its simplest form can be the most productive. Getting enough sleep, eating well, exercise, having boundaries/rituals in place – i.e we eat as a family round the table every night / more conscious of when work starts to dominate etc ..

When we don’t look after the above, we all fall apart – but we now know how to steer the ship and can spot when it’s going off course! (Most of the time anyway!)That’s been a big success for us all!


7.) Your work space? Clean & Minimal or Eclectic and colourful – what would we find on your desk?

I work from our white Ikea dining room table. Definitely minimal. You’ll find a white Le Creuset Coffee mug, A4 Moleskine Diary, iPhone, MacBook and a note book with lots of lists.

8.) Top 3 entrepreneurial tips?

1.)  When you get up in the morning, are you excited to go and do what you do? I remember as a kid I used to love cutting out of fashion magazines and making collages. I’m kind of doing that now in a way, following my dream of making collages and playing with fashion. When you love what you do, it shows.

2.) The power of timing. Keep top of mind. Mail clients, send ideas, leave comments on instagram accounts you admire etc

Back in the days when I was styling I would constantly mail clients with my updated portfolio. It was amazing the amount of times clients said things like “oh great we’re actually planning a shoot in the next few weeks …”

Put yourself out there!

3.)  Everybody loves a freebie! You can look at this in many ways.

Stand your ground or up your rates, as everyone will try bargain you down. On the other hand, if it’s a product you’re offering, add in some sort of freebie. i.e. you’re creating a beautiful bag, throw in a free coin purse or 2 or 3 mini sizes on first purchase of a large beauty product. It’s human nature – we love to feel like we’re getting value for our spend. And It’s the the attention to detail that will have people coming back.

9.) Who are you currently listening to?

Running – I’m enjoying Ellie Goulding
General – Loving the Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist – I’m lazy when it comes to finding new music – so this is a great way to discover new artists.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.49.25 PM

10.) Your best marketing tool?

Myself – my blog is run solely by me and that’s how I’ve always liked to do things. (Ok my husband helps with a few technical things) But I’m the sales lady, marketer & editor!

I do find the Facebook boosting option for my Kim Gray Facebook Page works well to engage with more people.

11.) Dream Big Right? What’s next for you?

Watch this space! xx

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.43.24 PM

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4 thoughts on “21 Entrepreneurs Series: No. 13 Me

  1. Absolutely loved this post. I have been following your blog for years! Thanks to you I went to the Moroccan warehouse. Seeing your cushions above, I would love to visit them again 🙂


  2. Hi sweetie, so enjoyed your Cellars pics – have been there a few times (sadly not to stay) it is a different world isin’t it? Love your blog always – as a matter of interest where is Moroccan warehouse? Love


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