Here’s another natural South African skincare range, that I am absolutely loving, ecologic. I’ve been lucky enough to test out a few of their nourishing skincare products and I think they’re pretty fabulous.

Says ecologic:

“At Ecologic, we craft and create premium vegan products that replenish the mind and body. We choose only the highest quality ingredients that nature and science has to offer. These ingredients are chosen not only for their beautiful effects on the skin, but for their ability to influence a more beautiful state of mind.  We aim to create holistic, one-of-a-kind cosmetics that appeal to all the senses, the skin and the soul.”

The Body Perfect Body Cream is sublime – I love the rich, velvety texture and the gorgeous sheen it leaves on your skin!

I love the Dreams Mood Gel, (What a great idea?) now part of my night time routine, which I use after their gorgeous, creamy, facial cleanser! I love that this cleanser is a bit of a 2-in-1! Leave it on for 10 minutes and it becomes a deep cleansing facial mask. I just love how that saves me time, vs washing my face a reapplying another mask! WIN! It also leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated!

This nourishing Wondernail nail strengthening & cuticle oil is fabulous. I must get into a habit of doing it daily as it really helps with softening the skin around my nails and it also helps to repair nails damaged by chemical exposure. Wear your nails “au naturel” for a while and feed them a little of this golden oil for primed, healthy nails.

Read more about their other products here and shop the range here! LOVE xx





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