3 Easy & Healthy Recipes

Here are 3 recipes I’ve been dying to try and finally did over the weekend! These are all SUPER easy to do – and look impressive when entertaining! 🙂


These breakfast muffins have a few different recipe versions (See another version here) – I just made mine as you would an omelette. Beat Free Range eggs ( I had 5 eggs – came out with 6 muffins) and then add what ever ingredients you fancy into the mixture. I had:

Chunk of smoked bacon from the Hermanus Farmers Market chopped into cubes / cheese / basil / cheri tomatoes halved / salt&pepper. Delicious with a side salad of rocket, avo, olive oil & lemon juice as breakfast,brunch or lunch.

Grease the muffin pans, pour in the mixture and cook +- 15 min or until cooked through. * I didn’t but you may want to pre-cook your bacon a bit.


These crackers are from The Real Meal Revolution Recipe Book and again, are incredibly simple to make and delicious with your favourite cheese. A nutritious way to cut out carbs. Find the recipe over at Wellness Warehouse Here.


Now this is big in the states – Peppermint Bark – usually it’s thin sheets of layered chocolate one breaks up and devours with coffee after dinner. But here’s a healthier version. I used:

70% Lindt Dark Chocolate

Macadamia Nuts

Pistachio Nuts


For the nuts, chop or bash them in a pestle & mortar – you can go quite fine or chunkier, depending on how you like it. Melt the chocolate in a pot over a pot of boiling water. Once the chocolate has melted, mix in the nuts and cranberries, leaving +- 1/3 behind. Spread the mixture on a baking tray lined with wax/parchment paper around 1/2 inch thick. Sprinkle the remaining ingredients on top. Refrigerate for 3 hours at least or over night. I made mine quite chunky. You can experiment with peppermint, granola, different nuts etc You can adapt this recipe easily for banting too by using 70% or higher dark chocolate and leave out the dried fruit etc . . .

ENJOY! 🙂 xx


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